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Website creator. Making a website

WebSite X5

website creator
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   Creation of a beautiful and individual website can occupy a lot of time. The beginning web masters having of few experience, for website creation very much will accept the website builder WebSite X5 based on a principle drag and drop. I think it the best and easy website creator. For creating a website you can download free website creator by clicking the link below.

   Software WebSite X5 works similarly the master with five easy steps. At start of the website builder there will be here such window from which you can pass to an official website of the software for viewing  a websites of other users, loadings of new templates, inquiry receptions etc. After pressing the button "Start" appears a window with a choice of projects, where you can choose editing of already existing project or creation of a new website. Files of sites will be is stored on your computer so at any time you can edit the website to change a template, to add pages, to change the text, to add pictures etc.

   Running forward I will tell that in the creator of sites WebSite X5 it is possible to look on the computer at any time as your page on the Internet will look. For this purpose there is a button the "Test". It is possible to create any template of a website, for this purpose in the website creator there is a designer of templates. Besides the given builder of sites is specially adapted for creation online shop.

   Let's pass to consideration of creation of a  website by means of WebSite X5, which consists of five stages.

1 stage of website creation. The general options

Ferst step of website creation
1 step of website creation
Select a ready-to-use template
Create a custom template

   At the first stage all is devoted a choice of the general description and appearance of a website. Here it is necessary to choose the website menu, horizontal or vertical, a website template. At this stage it is possible to edit also the top and bottom banners, to add in them flash, an inscription, etc. All standard templates are made under width of the screen 1024, dynamic templates are not present. But by means of the editor of templates it is possible to expose the width of a site, up to 1280 pixels. The site description, keywords Here gets out, the author of a site and it is possible to insert additional meta tags, and also to choose automatic creation of a sitemap etc.
   At editing it is possible to replace the top banner with the drawing, to add in it an inscription, drawing, flesh-animation, a html-code, a field for search.

2 stage of website creation

Plan the website

    At the second stage the sitemap is created. You choose names of pages, and also website structure. Can unite pages in groups. Here it is possible to set url pages, individual for page the description and keywords, frequency of updating. For this purpose at first in a tree we choose a mouse the necessary page, and then in the top menu it is necessary to choose point "properties of page", as is shown in drawing more low. At the same stage it is possible to block certain pages, i.e. to make to them access under the password.

3 stage. Creation of pages

   At the third stage in the website creator we fill page with contents. It can be the text, pictures, tables, code HTML etc. In the beginning the page is broken into 4 cells, you can independently add and delete a line and columns so with configuration of a content of problems should not arise. As already it was mentioned above, the designer of sites WebSite X5 works by a principle drag and drop, i.e. content addition occurs a choice the mouse of the necessary block, whether it be the text or a picture, and its dragging in the necessary cell. Then it is possible to edit quantity of cells occupied with the certain block. Double click by the mouse is necessary for editing of contents of a cell on corresponding cell. And for each block there are additional options.

Create a page

4 stage. Additional options

    At this stage possibility of additional options is given to you. Here it is possible to set text styles by default for the page text, the menu, links and the bottom menu. It is possible to choose styles of the menu depending on your imagination, to create introduction page, tape RSS, to define a place for advertising, to reserve places on page, to create a blog. Also it is possible to create a basket for electronic shop and to add the payment block directly on a website.

Add advansed functions

5 stage. Publish your website

   At this stage in website creator possibility of loading of a website on a hosting is given, using the built in FTP-client. As it is possible to keep the website in the form of pages on the computer for its further editing or to prepare files of a site for carrying over on other computer.

Publish the website online

      Official page of the website creator. Download the website creator WebSite X5 or here. It is possible to download additional templates for website. The help at disease.
   Even if you are unfamiliar with web design using the builder WebSite X5 you be able easily create the website.

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