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Get traffic to your website and earn money by surf. Traffic exchange sites

Traffic exchanges

  The easy way to earn money online and get free traffic to your website is  join traffic exchange sites that pay you money for each site you surf. The essence of job on a traffic exchange websites consists in viewing by you of other sites 15-60 sec and for it obtain credits which you can spend for display your site another users, or on display of the banners or text references. This method, along with earnings on paid to click sites, one of many ways to earn money online.
  To promote your website and start earn money you need to join to manual traffic exchange sites having clicked on the banners below. There are two kinds, the conventional ones that provide free traffic and the others that also pay you cash for the websites you view. Start use the best traffic exchange sites and get good results with your free traffic.

Traffic exchanges

Best traffic exchange sites

EasyHits4U -   best and huge traffic exchange site over 650,000 members. 1:1 traffic exchange, 5 levels referral program (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%), receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed) plus bonuses every 50 pages. Geo targeting of your ads. You can promote up to 15 sites. Surfing and referral contests. Lots of other benefits. Minimum payout $3.  Best traffic exchange site to boost traffic to your website.  Payment proofs.

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

NewWaySurf -   Earn cash for every page view (dynamic cash ratio upto $0.02 for 100 pages) and 50% of the cash earned by your referrals.  For every 10 sites you surf today your credit and cash ratio increases for tomorrow. Minimum payout $5. Payment proofs.

traffic exchange sites

TrafficG - 18 seconds timer, 1 : 1.1  surf ratio. Geo targeting of your ads.  One of the best free traffic exchange site. SuperSurf service. (Traffic exchange). SuperStart service. (Start page exchange). Exchanger service. (Powerful banner exchange). My promotions service. Directory and search engine.

best traffic exchanges

HitLink - 12 seconds timer. Fast effective quality traffic. Thousands of  potential prospects.  Progressive surf ratio - the more you surf the more you earn.  You even get to keep your earned ratio the next day. "Rush Hour" sessions where you earn 2x your ratio.  Win credits, banners & text Imps after each 15 pages surfed.

traffic exchange sites

HitTactic - 18 seconds timer. 2:1 Surf Ratio. $0.025 per 100 pages. 5 levels referral program. Free members will earn 35% of referrals earnings (15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%).

Hits4Surfers - 6 seconds timer, 2:1 surf ratio, daily surfing contests (Gold membership, $10, $5).

get FREE Traffic

Hit Bandit - manual traffic exchange has a lot to offer you for free: you can sell your credits for cash, win extra credits when you play the Bandit, win monthly jackpot of 10000 credits (yes, that's ten thousand credits), weekly jackpot of 1000 credits in addition to monthly jackpot, surfing check ensures that your business opportunity is not only seen but noticed, super fast traffic, we'll get you 100's of hits per day if you have the credits,12-second timer, 2:1 surfing ratio, bonuses for regular surfers, bonus days! Get 20% extra bonus on Mondays and Thursdays! buy cheap traffic on the credit exchange or sell unneeded credits on the credit exchange to boost your cash earnings, advanced site selection mechanism: the more you surf the quicker your sites are shown.

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