Ways to make money from your website

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Ways to make money from your website

    Making money from website is the best and high income way to earn money online.

Contextual advertising

   Contextual advertising is a word or some words in the text articles representing the link to a website of the advertiser. The content of contextual advertising will depend on a site subject on which it is shown.
   Google AdSense – perhaps the most popular system of contextual advertising for earnings on a website, but is as well much others. To start work in them you should be registered in an advertising network and insert HTML- code on your  website.
   The systems of contextual advertising will place contextual announcements (either the text or images), relevant to a subject of your website, and you will earn the certain sum of money for everyone click under this advertisement.
   Your earning from contextual advertising with payment for clicks depends on the traffic of the website and that is the most important, from the  relation quantity of clicks under the advertising to quantity of its displays (CTR - click-through rate) and costs for click (cost per click - CPC). Placing of announcements around or their mixing with a content, will lead to higher relation of quantity of clicks toquantityof displays. The price for click also depends on quality of the website and its subject. A mortgage, real estate, financial products and higher education – here examples of the most profitable subjects.
   The traffic source can influence also cost a click. The natural traffic (what goes from search engines) costs more because such visitors are considered target as they searched on a relevant subject, and usually they click announcements more often. The traffic from social networks, is usually paid low as such visitors simply ignore advertisements.

   The list of popular contextual advertising systems for earnings money from your website:

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Sell text links

how to make money

   One more way to make money from your website. The sense consists that you for a certain payment place on your  website a text link to other website in a network. After Google declared that the sites selling text links without tag nofollow, will be fined, this method of earnings from a site became less popular.
   Nevertheless it is a lot of owners of websites still use sale of text  links for earnings  from a website.
   It is possible to sell text links directly from your website, and it is possible to use specialised link building company.

   Text link networks:

Direct banner advertising

   Sale of a place for an advertising banner on your website is one of the most profitable methods of earnings on the site. First of all, because it allows you most to establish the price for such placing. The most popular formats of a banner in a network 728x90 leaderboard, 120x600 a skyscraper, 300x250 a rectangle and 125x125 the button.
   Inconvenience of direct banner advertising is that your website should have a numerous audience to receive well paying advertisers, and you should waste time, on management of process of sales, payments and placing of banners. One of such services AdHitz.

Sound advertisement

  To earn on a website it is possible also having placed on it sound advertising (Pay Per Play). For this purpose it is necessary to be registered on site NetAudioAds, to choose a format of a sound roller and to place it on the site. Thus at visiting of yours the Internet resource any user will play a sound clip (usual 5 seconds).

Earnings from affiliates

  Affiliate Programs - this is another very good opportunity to make money on your website. For earnings in the affiliate can attract potential buyers or users of the service partner site advertising the affiliate link on your site, forums, social networks, etc., or you can create affiliate online store and sell products or services to partner on it.
   To find affiliate programs best suited to your site, you can seek the assistance of special services called affiliates and lead aggregators, which are gathered in one place a large number of affiliate offers from banks to online gaming sites.

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