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Make Money Online By Uploading Files

How to make money by uploading files


  I think that each Internet user ever downloaded files from hostings of files, such as Depositfiles, Rapidshare and others. Many of users even know that it is possible to make money by uoloading files. But thought on starting to make money with files, comes to people very seldom. There can be a thought on earnings with files for a long time to you has come, and, even is possible that you were registered on several  file hostings and even have uploaded some files and have placed links to them on 1-2 websites. If for you it not so is important, most likely, your earnings are equal to zero. And if you know nothing about this way of earnings on the Internet or want to learn more about how to make money uploading files, allow me to tell a little to you about it.

Make money by uploading files

  There is such an Internet the services named hostings of files which pay to you that other people download files loaded by you on their server. We will assume that you have the interesting file which is popular. You load this file on a hosting and receive the link to it, then place this reference to various websites, such as forums, sites of news, catalogues of files, your own websites and blogs, etc. People load your file, and you for it receive a certain sum of money for one thousand loadings, in limits from 5 to 100 dollars, depending on quality of the traffic, file size and conditions on which you work with a hosting of files. You can get paid via PayPal or other ways. This process is earnings by uploading files.

Why file hosting pays to you?

  You, possibly, ask a question why owners of file hostings pay to you such big money. It is simple. Actually, they give you only tiny part of the own income. The files loaded by you on the servers of file hostings, people load not instantly on direct references. Before loading, they should see advertising, or, to avoid advertising viewing, should buy gold (gold) or bonus (premium) login accounts. Such users and advertisers pay to a hosting of files, and it shares with you the earnings, as though thanks you that you extend links to files and involve visitors on a file hosting.
  I will recommend to you some file hostings. All of them are checked up and regularly pay. It is better to be registered at once in everything as when you will place news with your links for downloading, it will be possible to post additional links (mirrors) to 2-5 services, depending on requirements of administration of a website, the size of your file, target audience, the minimum payment. For example, some does not pay for loadings of files, in the size it is less than 5 MB. For files in the size it is more 200 MB you can obtain good reward on Hotfile, DepositFiles. After work with them within some months you can choose for yourselves the most suitable. Further the list of websites for earnings with files is presented.

Websites to make money by uploading files


  You will get paid $0.002 (1- 4Mb), $0.003 (5- 9 Mb) or $0.005 (10-49Mb) etc. for each download.


  You will earn $0.002 (5-50Mb), $0.003 (50-100Mb) or $0.005 (100-400Mb) per file download.


  Website that pays you real cash every time your files are downloaded. Get around $1 to $20 for every download.


  $600-800 for 1000 visitors that gain access to your content.


  Pays up to $ 7 per 1000 downloads.


  Pays up to $ 17 per 1000 downloads.

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