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Intrenet cheating

Cheaters on the Internet

Cheaters on the Internet

   On the Internet it is a lot of cheaters who make profit of fans of a freebie and easy money. It is a lot of schemes of a deceit, here some of them.

  • Magic purses. The dodge essence "is a purse that you send on it one dollar, comes back three". Or about a purse which returns the small sums, but does not return the large. If will send, will return nothing.

  • Pyramids of purses. cheaters suggest you to send money (on slightly) on 6 purses, and then to enter in this list the purse and to multiply the message at forums. You not only do not receive money, but still your purse can be blocked, if the complaint to these messages reaches a support service of payment system.

  • The Monkey business with an advance payment. For example, work on typing, work on sorting of letters and etc. Thus under what or a pretext to you suggest to send an advance payment on something. Naturally, after an advance payment you do not receive any work.

  • Automatic programs for getting of money which to you suggest to buy. For example, the program - "the collector of bonuses" which will fill up daily automatically your purse, assistants in trade at a stock exchange etc. At the best after payment you do not receive anything, in the worst - a trojan or a virus.

  • One more way to make money online with which it is not necessary to participate is an Internet version of network marketing. It is connected usually with information sale. To you suggest to buy a course on earnings on the Internet for enough great sum, and then to earn, selling this course the rest. The course contains, as a rule, well-known data on how to create a site, how to use contextual advertising and etc. which can be read without effort on set.



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