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How to promote a website. Submit a site

How to promote your website and get free traffic

website promotion

      How to promote a website? This question it is often possible to meet at forums of web designers. On indexation depends very many: website positions in searchers, quantity of visitors from them, popularity of a resource, and, finally, profit from a website. I have collected methods which I have tested at promotion of websites and which are really effective for improvement and acceleration of indexation of a website by search engines.
      Make sure that your web site contains phrases which as you think, people will search for, as regular text in your HTML, not as a picture of text. For instance, if your organization is the Ford Motor Company, you need to mention those words prominently on your home page, and they must be actual, mouse-selectable text, not just a picture of text.
      On an orientation all methods of website promotion can be divided on two categories - internal optimization of a website and work with external factors. On financial expenses - free and paid methods.

How to promote a website. Free methods

  Let's consider how to promote a website

1. For acceleration of indexation your website it is better most to create a sitemap (sitemap). To create a map for the web site it is possible to use here this online generator - sitemap.php or After generation it is necessary to keep sitemap in a root folder of the website in a format xml. To inform search engines about sitemap, for example, Google, it is necessary to register an account in service Google Webmaster, and then in subparagraph Sitemap to load a map of your site your_website/sitemap.xml. On supervision, after sitemap addition, robots of search engines will look on your site through smaller time intervals as it is possible to register frequency of updating of pages in a map.

2. To create a sitemap in one click from the basic page on which should it is found references to all pages of your site. But if it is a lot of pages, it is necessary to break a sitemap into some pages and to place the reference to a sitemap to all pages.

3. Registration in web directories. It is better to register a site manually. It is very long and the labour-intensive process, therefore very many order run of the site under catalogues in the third parties for money, the blessing of such resources in a network is enough.
  It is possible to purchase program Allsubmitter with bases of catalogues which considerably facilitates registration in catalogues. It is possible to order run under catalogues. It is possible to use special services of registration in catalogues.

4. Organise RSS-translation of materials from your website and register your RSS-tape in RSS-catalogues. It allows to publish announcements of your materials on other sites.

website promotion

5. For free website promotion write the articles (and it is better a little) and publish it in free Article Directory. To find article directory, simply type "article directory" or "to add the article" in any search engine. In the article place 2-4 links to the main page of your website or to internal pages. A few article directories to get you started:

6. Competent internal relink it is very important for acceleration of indexation of a site. All pages should have 2-3 links to the main. To duplicate the menu. For example, if at you the horizontal menu in the top part of a site, duplicate it in the bottom part. Make additional references on the basic sections of the menu on all pages of a website.
      Place the list from the most popular materials of a site and also the list of last records. In the end of each article make some links to similar materials. Except indexation improvement, it will increase quantity of looked through pages on your website. Try to refer in the text of each page 1-2 times to other articles of your site.

7. A rule of three clicks. Make navigation on a site so that any page of your site was accessible not further, than in 3 clicks from the main.

8. Try not to do dropping out menus on scripts and flash, it complicates indexation of a site by search engines.

9. Make sure that the major search engines know about your website. As of this writing, Google is by far the most important. You can add your site to Google using their Add URL page.  Add a site in forms of addition of searchers. For an example - the list of search engines - listed by Alexa traffic ranking.
      Submitting your website to a search engine does not mean you will be automatically included in the search engine's index. By doing this you alert the search engine to your website's presence and are added to a list of sites to be crawled.
      Below are links to submit site to Google, Yahoo and Bing:
 has a free search engine submission tool. The free tool - the first auto-submit tool I ever used!! - submits your site to 20 major search engines. Whilst the paid-for professional tool submits your site each month to 2000 search engines and classifieds
      It is necessary to mention that on some sites offer you, having filled one form, to register your page in many searchers at once. Though this way easy - consuming, it will not give the same results what you receive, having registered the page independently. It speaks that the majority of search engines treats badly such addition.
      It is better to register each page of the site in all search engines manually. Though many search engines promise what enough to enter only the address first page of a site, and then the robot will index all the others, but is real robots sometimes do not reach separate pages of your site and them do not register.

10. Add a site in TOP of websites.

11. Submit your website to web directories.

  There are many directories on the Internet that accept paid and un-paid website submissions. You'll be able to give your listing a title, short description and link to your website. Don't ever pay someone to "submit your website to 200 directories," this is not looked highly upon by search engines.
  Add a website to:

      1. Dmoz - choose a suitable category, and look for the reference "to Offer URL" in the right top corner.

      2. Jayde
      3. Exactseek
      4. Best of the Web
      5. Yahoo! Directory

      Some more website directories

how to promote a website

12. Add a website in social bookmarks. The big plus of social bookmarks that in them it is possible to add internal pages of a site. In each service it is necessary to be registered.
      Simply to create a site qualitative and interesting to users in today's realities of the Internet there is not enough – it will simply get lost in millions other sites. After site creation it is necessary to "tell" about it to search engines – to the basic sources of visitors for any site in the Network. At the given stage of development of search engines there is nothing better services of social bookmarks for realization of acceleration of indexation of new sites. It is connected by that all services of social bookmarks - resources very quickly updated - boats (spiders) of search engines literally "live there" - so the first links appear in search engine delivery in few hours, and your page, on which run - literally next day was made. But it, fortunately, not a unique positive side of social bookmarks. Here the complete list: very fast indexation, growth of visitors of your site (it is not necessary to forget that very visited resources and some sites receive services of social bookmarks to 1000 visitors in day exclusively thanks to bookmarks), reception of reference weight (many services of social bookmarks are old and dear resources - links from them add to authoritativeness and to your site), advancement by inquiries (thanks to the previous point is observed considerable growth of positions of a site in delivery of search engines).
      For fast registration in 50 best services of social bookmarks also it is possible to use a resource - Read more about social bookmarks

13.Tell about your website in social networks.

      A great way to develop a following for your website is to get involved in the social networking arena. Becoming active on social networking sites will bring traffic to your site as well as develop back links. The goal of this is to get social with others on the web while promoting your site at the same time. A few hot social networking sites:

14. Do link exchanges.

      Link building is an extremely important part of SEO. The search engines will look at the amount of links that come into your site as well as the status of the sites that link to you (the amount of traffic those sites get). Although the search engines look more favorably on links that are not reciprocal, exchanging links is a great place to start!
Find other websites that have the same topic as your site and send an email to the webmaster asking if he or she would like to do a link exchange.
      Ask your friends and family members with a website if they would like to exchange links. Here more about backlinks.

How to promote a website. Pay methods

15. Purchase links to main or internal pages of your website at link building company, for example, - SEO Link Building Company, Linksmanagement, PostLinks, Textlinks, It is very effective method. To gain the maximum effect, I recommend to buy links from the websites placed in Dmoz.  Links from the main pages of websites are fast indexed. Than above indicators Google PageRank of the purchased sites, the better. Links to your website from other sites are a basic measure of your site's importance that search engines use to decide the rank of your website in search results. In order to benefit from the editorial decisions already made by individual webmasters, search engines do their best to give "real" plain-text links a greater weight than advertising links when evaluating how relevant a website is to a particular subject. If your needs and your budget go beyond the traffic that simple word of mouth and, eventually, search engine indexing can bring, you should consider purchasing "sponsored links" on search engines. As of this writing, Google sells sponsored links displayed to the right of search engine result pages which are shown only to users who are searching for the exact words that you specify. This service is not free, but it is quite effective, and you pay directly for actual clicks that lead to your site.

16. Write the articles with links to your website and submit it to article directory.

17. Write and place articles on websites of similar subjects. To find sites which are ready to place your articles, it is possible at specialised forums. Plus of this variant in that, you pay for article placing once.



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