Earnings on sale of photos. Photo stocks.

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Earnings on sale of photos. Photo stocks.

How to earn money with your photos

  Today let's talk how the hobby can bring not only pleasure, but also the income. One of interesting and profitable ways the earnings Internet is earnings in photos. Many users at all do not suspect about such kind of reception of the additional income, and having decided to begin work on the Internet, do not pay attention to such way of earnings of money. However selling the photos it is possible to receive the good income. Magazines, newspapers, designers are potential clients for purchase of photos. And the will be more unique a photo, the more expensively he can be sold.
  Today practically every second Internet user is the owner of the digital camera. Here chambers on phones, etc. because for photo sale it is necessary to do very qualitative pictures as the majority of photo stocks is not accepted by photos of less than 4 megapixels are not taken into account. Even if you only the fan of photography, to make good pictures will not make the big efforts. To begin with it is possible to make one-two hundreds various photos, and, having selected pieces ten most good, to try to sell them.  

earn money with your photos

  So, how to begin the small business on sale of the photos? In a network the Internet there are special services photobanks or photo stocks which take over works from any registered user. To begin with, depending on photo stock, it is necessary to place from 50 before own 1000 works. The subjects of pictures can be any - landscapes, still-lifes, animal, people, abstraction. For improvement of quality of pictures it will be quite good to familiarise with rules of photographing and to esteem councils of professionals. Photograph at any opportunity, everything that will seem to you interesting - the more pictures you will make, the it will be easier to choose then from them really good.

   And at last, to have the good income on sale of photos, it is necessary to be registered in all photo banks which you will find.

  Each photo stock has rules which we will consider a bit later. Basically the price of downloading of one photo makes 20 cents and more and it at all so a little as it seems.
  Let's consider on a small example possible earnings. We will admit, you have loaded on sale of 15 pictures, each of which was downloaded by 50 times. 750 downloadings turn out. Having increased the received figure by cost of one downloading (20 cents) we will receive 150 dollars. And it, notice, with little effort and daily work. At placing there are more than photos for sale, and also, at higher cost of each picture, it is possible to earn quite good money.

Photo stocks

  And now let's consider popular photo stocks:

1. Sutterstock.com

earn with photos shutterstock.com

   Leadership among photographers-freelancers occupies a photo stock Sutterstock.com. To start to sell here the photos, the administration should confirm your nominee. At "entrance examination" 7 from ten your pictures should be approved. After placing of works, to you will inform on the decision on electronic mail within a week. Successfully having passed examination, you can expose the photos on sale. 25 cents pay for one downloading of your photo.

 The distinctive feature Sutterstock.com what downloads a photo the subscriber of a website can only. Clients pay for a monthly subscription of 200 dollars and have possibility to download 25 photos every day. The given scheme is rather favorable to photographers as clients have a stimulus to download different photos every day.

2. Istockphoto.com

stock photo istockphoto.com

  The photo bank Istockphoto.com goes the following in our list. The introductory test there should pass only three photos, however on this site rigid enough thematic moderation. Photos from section of health, business and sports have the greatest demand. Pay to 20 % from cost of downloading which can make from $1 to $40.

3. Fotolia.com

stock photo fotolia.com

   3.  The following photo stock is ideal for beginners. Fotolia.com demands only acknowledgement of copyrights for placing of the photos on their resource. Cost of a simple picture from 15 cents to 5 dollars. Are accepted by a photo in the size a minimum 2400х1600 pixels. The minimum earnings for a conclusion in 50 dollars pay through PayPal or Moneybookers.

4. Dreamstime.com

photo stock dreamstime.com

   4. Further we will consider Dreamstime.com. The given photo bank will approach for qualitative check of the pictures, therefore as conditions for the introduction rigid enough. Photos here buy by the piece then the message on an e-mail goes. Receive up to 80% from sale of your photos.

5. Photostockplus.com

photo stock photostockplus.com

   5. The following photo stock Photostockplus.com. You can earn up to 80% from sale of your photos.

  So, the most perspective photo stocks are above presented to earn by photos. Exposing there the works it is monthly possible to receive the additional income. And in due course, having got skills of photographing and having earned reputation on photo bank, gradually to increase the earnings.



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