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Earn Money by Playing Games | Get paid to play games online

How to Earn money playing games

  It's safe to say that the market for online games is quite well developed and has a huge number of his fans. Although some users have hitherto played on free pirate servers without investing a penny into the game and limiting the development of his character, there are quite a lot of players who play on the official websites and are willing to shell out their hard-earned money on the development of his character. An example is the game World of Warcraft.
  Money in the online gaming niche spinning a lot, and what are some players for whom earnings on online games has turned into a real job. Later in the article will look at how you can make money playing games and the most popular ways of earning that use gamers.

Earnings by playing games can be divided into two areas:

1. Either you are the creator and administrator of the server and the players pay you for playing advantages;
2. Either you are a player and have the surplus of game resources and want to sell the surplus to those who need them.

earn money playing games

  So, you have created a server or game. Then the profit for you is a lot of donators (i.e. players who buy game assets for real money). And in order to have a lot of donators need much interest the game and good advertising. If you have both, then you'll get a good profit. And if not, then make sure that you have had a pleasure to play. And the players are sure to reach out to you.
  If you're a gamer and want to make money playing games, selling the game assets for real money, then, firstly, you should know that most game projects does not welcome these players, because they lead earnings of the creators or administrators of the game. Although a number of game projects interaction between the players and the "transfusion resources" even encouraged. But often, these games work on a subscription system. So you want to make money playing online games. In order to get real money you will need to sell resources or game currency. That is, you have to find someone who is willing to pay for them.

  Do not forget that your character is, in fact, is also a resource, and you may like to rent it out (protrude mercenary) and sell your own game character. If you are having trouble finding a client, you can search the Internet, where there are special resources involved in this case and for a small or a large percentage of game resources to exchange for real money. For example, you can pump your character up to a good level, and then sell it, since there are always those gamers who do not want to play a weak character.      
  For earnings at the games is an important aspect of the automation of labor, or the slang of bots. If you can install a bot, then place it, it will save you time and effort in upgrading the character and greatly increase your profits. Also, in some games you are free to act as a bot and players will you pay for it. It will look something like this; the player gives you the password to your game character for a month, or a week. At this time you play his character, the mining experience, resources, and most importantly rating in the different fractions or different rare and expensive artifacts. As time passes, you transfer the player agreed sum of money, and you give him a character. The main thing in this case so that none of the parties has not deceived the other. The gaming industry is a place where huge money, it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. And if you're smart, agile, and will be well versed in the subject, it is a small part of this sweet cake can be yours.
  Here is a small list of games in which you can earn: first, it is certainly a worldwide game World of Warcraft, Diablo, League of Legends, Perfect World, Aion, Overkings, Lineage, MyLands and others.

Gaming Websites to Join

     There are other opportunities to earn money on the games:

1. This participation in the affiliate program of game resources to attract new players
2. Testing of new or unreleased games;
3. Participate in online surveys for money on the games;
4. Get paid for viewing and review movies or game trailers, or for the review of the game.

  Below are some of websites where you get paid for playing games. Joining these websites is free and simple.




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