How to create a websites. Website creating

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How to create a websites. Website creating

The basic steps of website creation

website creating

  If you want to create a website, but don't know how to start, you have got to correct web site. Here, I will tell how to create your own website. I also will tell how to receive your own domain name and how to host your website on the internet. Website creation is much easier, than you could think. The following these steps you can create your own website easy. Certainly, the easiest way to do your own website is to use an online tool for creating a free website, for an example, you can use this online website builder or software for making a website - website creator.

Choose the subject for your own website

      The subject choice is the first step in website creation. If initially website is created for earnings for subject selection we go to  and choose keywords - search inquiries, i.e. those words and phrases which, in your opinion, users for search of a material in a subject of your site will enter. On the last it is possible to look at statistics of quantity of those or other inquiries worldwide or separately, on what or the country, and also on languages. In the same place it is possible to estimate the price one click on advertising which you place on the site. The prices are given for advertisers, but for our purposes it is possible to draw parallels as, for example, company Google will pay to you approximately 50 % from the earnings from a click on the advertising, placed on your site. For this purpose it is necessary to click by the button columns and to put a tick opposite to a column choice the average price for clicks.
      At a choice of keywords and accordingly subjects for the site not so correct will choose "expensive" subjects - real estate, a car, etc. as in these subjects already a great lot of web designers with the sites and accordingly very big competition, will make the way through them in a top of delivery of searchers very difficultly, if at all probably. It is better to choose a subject with an average competition and about what you though understand.

create a website

Relevant content

      The second step in the project under the name " how to create a website " is a relevant content choice.  Now it is necessary to be defined with filling of a website with articles. You will write articles independently or will buy, for example, at article directories. The main thing, a content should be unique, i.e. not copied from any site. Certainly, the best variant to write articles yourself. But if you cannot write article yourself, you can buy it in article directories.

Website design

      It is necessary to be defined with site structure, its design that will be on the first page, and that on the subsequent. Draw or present, as blocks on pages, where the text, where advertising, and where drawings and photos will take place. For descriptive reasons it is better to draw it on a sheet of paper. Also we are defined with site structure, whether there will be enclosed pages where and photos - on separate page or drawings will be stored in the text. For site registration it is possible to use designers of sites who are given by owners of hosting, or programs of type Dreamweaver, is much and other programs. And it is possible to write a site script yourself if you have knowledge in PHP or Perl. Also you can buy ready design of a website. Certainly, it is more interesting to do all by own hands.

Choice and purchase a domain name

  The fourth step in website creation. We will begin that if you have created your website on a free hosting by means of the designer you will have a domain name of 3rd level of type Is standard to consider that to such sites the relation frivolous though I saw such sites in a top of delivery of searchers by certain inquiries. After all a main objective of creation of any site is not narcissism, and attraction on a site of interested visitors. And to promote (to involve visitors) such sites are not present the big sense as the domain name will belong not to you and at any time can «give a kick», or will disappear diggings which has given you a domain name and a hosting and you remain without a site. Therefore it makes sense to buy a domain name of the second level of type which will belong only to you. It is necessary to be careful of registrars who register for you a domain name on the third party.
  Better when the domain name corresponds to a subject of a site or the keyword enters into it, for example - for a site about bugs as there will be more loyal relation of search engines.
  For check of employment of a domain name it is possible to use here these services -, To buy a domain name it is necessary at well-known, checked up by time the companies.

Web Hosting choice

      To host your website, as well as to buy a domain name, it is necessary on checked up by time, reliable web hostings. Not to think about linking to a domain name hosting, better place your website and buy a domain name from the same company. Hosting provider is a company that makes your website available for the world to see. Choose hosting very carefully - a good host will have excellent сustomer support.

      You can use this web hosting - weebly ( free web hosting, you can make website by website builder and publish 2 your website to a free sub-domain of, register a new domain, or set up a domain you already own) or very popular
      You can also choose a hosting from this list of web hosting providers and here.   

Internal optimization

      At a following step of website creation before starting to promote it on the Internet, you need to do internal optimization of pages. It is better to optimise each page under 2-3 mid-frequency key phrases, i.e. those keywords which use average popularity. If it not to make at once in due course there will be a desire  to change something on page and site indexation as robots of searchers all the same are inert enough will accordingly be slowed down. On this article more details about website optimization.

Website promotion

  Have created a website, have bought the domain, have chosen a hosting, have loaded on a site advertising, were arranged conveniently on a sofa and have started to wait getting money. Not all so is simple. Now it is necessary to involve visitors on you website, to receive the target traffic, and the complex of actions named  website promotion. It registration your website  in website directories, submitting your website in search engines etc., etc. Here in more details about site promotion. One way  for promotion of your website and get free traffic is use traffic exchange sites. On this page you will find the list of  traffic exchange sites.



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