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Backlinks. Inbound link


What kind of Backlinks are best?

      What are backlinks? Backlinks are links from other sites that are directed towards your website. Them also name Inbound links. Backlinks play one of the most important roles in website promotion. From what pages, in what quantity refers to your site will depend position your website in search engines. Let's talk about what links will be useful to your resource.

The anchor text

    The   text  contents of the backlink. The text  contents of links on your site should be more various then they will be more natural for spider of search engine's. Links should contain keywords and phrases under which you optimized the site.
   Many  inbound links with the identical text can become the reason to banned your website by search engine, and your site for a long time will be gone from delivery by the given key inquiry. Be very attentive at a choice of the anchor text because what words you there place, on such will find your site.

Authority of a website and page

      Than more authority has a website referring on yours that the inbound link will have more weight. Backlinks of websites with high PageRank will be more useful to you. PageRank defined for each page. Certainly, links from the main pages of sites are valuable.

Relevance of a website and links

      Links from qualitative and authoritative resources will help you anyway - relevant they or not. But if backlinks to your site come from other sites which have content related to your site, these inbound links are considered more relevant and is much more will increase their importance.  It is very good, when the referring website or page are ranged by relevant inquiries. For example, the page which refers to your page about "promotion", is well ranged by a word "promotion".
      As relevance of other links established near to yours influences weight of the inbound link. Well if other links of one subjects with your website.

Age of the backlink and website

      The link weight is influenced by its age, and the age of page on which it is established is even more important. So, backlinks from old, authoritative websites will be more useful to you, if certainly these websites are not thrown and continue to develop. Some searchers, for example, Google, consider also age of the link, the older link has more weight.


Where the link refers

      Very much helps promotion if your website has many links to internal pages is looks more naturally and raises site weight. But it does not mean that links to the main page to you will do much harm.

Link type

Links should be straight, not redirect, i.e. should look like: <a href = ""> the site Description </a>. Also they should not be concluded in tags <noindex> </noindex>, and at them there should not be an attribute rel = "nofollow" as these links will not be considered by search engines.
  It is desirable, that backlinks were text. If the link in the form of a picture or a banner necessarily should be present tag "alt", containing the description of your site with keywords.

Backlink place

   Very well if the link conducting on your website, is in a content, surrounded with words - for example, in article with the description of your resource or something suitable for you on subjects.

Quantity of links

       The links located on all pages of a website or 2-3 links from the same site, will be a little than will cause a stir, as go from one domain. Much bigger value has that, how many all links (external and internal) is located on page. The less than links to page, the each of them has more weight.

Reciprocal links

   Reciprocal links will be not so effective for your website, as unilateral. If the link reciprocal, it has smaller weight. Exchange links only with sites of similar subjects.
   Consider these factors at reception of backlinks to the website is will help you to define, from what sites and pages it is necessary to receive links and from what is not present.


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